Acronym for "Problem in chair. Not in computer.". Used by Sysadmins to covertly describe user error to each other. Some snickering usually involved.
Joe's computer crashes at random intervals all day. It's obviously PICNIC.
by Andrew July 02, 2004
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The IT guy said Jim was a PICNIC since he continues to power off his work computer by forcing it to shut down every time he's done surfing for porn.
by Mr. Word Guy January 07, 2017
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a word that, if spoken increases the chance of rain by approximately 42%
"I say charles it is a splended day, do you feel like a picnic?" (skys darken)
by The Mustard Tiger July 05, 2007
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Something you eat outdoors on the ground, as opposed to at a table
Sheldon: "Picnics are no picnic, either. Where should we go to lunch? Oh I know, the ground!"
by Sensible Patriot December 07, 2018
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Contrary to fallacious urban legends about the word's supposedly racist roots, "picnic" is derived from the French term "pique nique", and refers to a meal eaten out of doors, where the participating groups each bring their own food.
Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we spread out our blanket and had a picnic.
by Marj May 14, 2007
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