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Abbreviation of "Peter Griffin Noise" for easy use in text and internet conversations. Refers to the exasperated noise Peter makes at the end of his scenes with Buzz Killington. As Peter makes the noise he also lifts his glasses and rubs his eyes, like he has a migraine.
Stupid person: Is soho a state in America?
Exasperated person: PGN... :/
by mojo91 December 08, 2009
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Acronym for Pre-Game Nut. When a guy has a sexual interaction and ejaculates before a basketball/football/baseball/ect Game. PGN is said to increase performance and will help one focus during the game.
Isaac did Megan give you a PGN before the game on Friday? You played so well man!
by janelleenelly May 05, 2016
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A black male that gets a lot of pussy

started by Orlando, Deandre, and Ronald
by lil nay February 28, 2008
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