Sarah: You look like a rat in your pfp, change it.
Mike: lol whatever
by trumpsmother June 19, 2017
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Can be used as a short version of Profile picture
Hey like my new pfp?

Jack cannot stop changing his pfp
via giphy
by Zed-R January 29, 2018
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An acronym that means picture for proof, largely used in text. pfp is a response to an action that someone "says" they are doing. Whether it is used online or in a text message. Most commonly used on status updates. Used to make sure that the person is not lying about what they are doing. After saying this the person should upload or send a picture to proof their statement.

Comparable with vfp - video for proof
Joe Smith updates his status to say "At the Celtics game!!"
Jon Doe comments "pfp"

Greg says to Sean in a text message, "I just took the biggest shit."
Sean says to Greg, "pfp"
by BriCon the Icon November 21, 2009
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Pics for pics? Basically send nudes. If you get this message you totally should. Like why not.
by Water boy731 May 02, 2018
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PFP - Pay For Porn.
It means that you pay for your porn instead of downloading it for free.
Guy 1: "Oh, no! I did it again, I PFP'd"
Guy 2: "You did what?"
Guy 1: "I just paid for my porn!"
by Jutti24 May 04, 2007
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