A person who is really angry and mean due to an inflamed crotch region...
Brittin yelled at me today like a total penis dragon so I could tell his crotch was inflamed
by Ceebs Deebs February 27, 2018
When u drag you long, hairy, penis across some niggas face
Damn that nigga just penis dragoned me breh.
by Jeffery homes November 17, 2017
Dragon Penis is God. Obey him, love him, respect him. He has endured many pains for us. He is the world's last hope.
Have you let Dragon Penis into you?
by Head of the Church of D.P. September 25, 2009
A big dragons penis. Scales, big leathery balls, a barbed tip, and "breathes" fire.
Your pointy Dragon Penis melted my vagina.
by P-Dog Hilton May 23, 2009
When a man has an enormous cock.
M i c h a e l C h r i s t i a n o has a dragon penis.
by ashley nicole rodgers May 4, 2008