4 definitions by P-Dog Hilton

A big dragons penis. Scales, big leathery balls, a barbed tip, and "breathes" fire.
Your pointy Dragon Penis melted my vagina.
by P-Dog Hilton May 23, 2009
When you literally shit fire out of your ass, causing a severe burning sensation. Usually after eating bad mexican or chinese food.
I went home and shit fire out my ass because of all that damn mexican food I ate.
by P-Dog Hilton May 23, 2009
Someone who has acne on their chest and their tits.
Wow she has big tits!

Yeah, but there full of titsne
by P-Dog Hilton May 3, 2010
Large fleshy scissors. Made out of a penis cut in half. Usually bloody.
I used my black pissors to cut up my wrists.
by P-Dog Hilton May 23, 2009