Fuck you up so bad you'll have to be dragged out of a place.
"I will drag you in this bitch!"
by stacthigh February 1, 2014
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-To Out someone because of something that you did or said.
John - "Look Bill...I know you tell everyone you're straight...but I know better..."
*John inches his fingers up Bill's theighs to his crotch.

Bill- "It's true John...I'm gayer than gay!!!!"

John - "OH MY GOD. I JUST Dragged you out of the closet, DIDN'T I?"
by TheOriginalKenBarbz March 11, 2012
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you better watch out cuz where ever you at the bitch is gonna come and drag tf out you like by your hair 😟😟
julianna -watch when i see you ill drag you bitch

mala -???

julianna - *sees mala*

drag gets pulled by hair/ swung.
mala *gets pulled to the ground with her hair 😞*
i’ll drag you bitch - gets pulled / swung by hair
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youre taking it too far,,...its not that serious....youre making a big deal out of nothing
ok now your dragging it....its not that serious you dragging it....
by shawty@40 February 18, 2018
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its painful how someone can love another without them knowing
what a drag to love you like I do *sighs*
by dilfslayer96 October 4, 2021
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