An amazing girl that understands males more than any other. Witty and outgoing, make sure you always give her a chance.
Mmm that Brittin sure is somethin else.
by 420rockkker February 4, 2010
Brittin is usually a name of a boy with blonde or light brown hair and is very tall. Brittins are very attractive and honest. He is very athletic and smart just don't let his silliness make you think he's unintelligent. Brittins have eyes that are drowning but, He doesnt have a taste for having a lot of girls. He has his mind set on one girl. So if you know a brittin go get him if he hasn't all ready found his girl.
by Roman_noodles_11 June 20, 2014
Brittin is normally the name of a girl. She is very insecure but doesn’t actually have a reason to be. She tries her hardest in school and tries to please everyone she meets. She is very scarcastic and outgoing. She will always have one specific problem that bothers her but she keeps her feeling to herself about it. Brittin will always have one person in mind and she will always love him even if they are not together. If you meet someone with this name you shouldn’t let go because she is a very caring friend and will always be there for you.
Brittin is very smart and understanding.
by Nejdnekenenejd October 16, 2019
Also known as Brit Brit.
Brittin is a very pretty little chicken. She looks a little bit like mama coco from Coco. Brittin likes dogs and she cries a lot. She gets chipotle and is rude to her mom on the phone (she yells at her a lot).
A:Hi I’m Eskimo sisters with Brittin Williams

B:Ew you got w ******.
by Mama coco May 28, 2022