PDN stands for "Public Displays of Narcissism".

1. When 2 people display and inordinate combined fascination with themselves.

2. A spectacle of excessive connected self-love between 2 people; vanity squared.

3. When 2 people excessively and publicly compliment themselves as if they are one person.
Scenario: Guy and Girl comment on a photograph of themselves.

Guy: We've got the look......whatever that look is.... well we've got it.....emo?

Girl: We are the king of emotions.

Guy: King status....nice. It's good to be the Kings.

Girl: Nope. King. With our power combined we are a king.

Guy: Our narcissism is getting pretty high but then a healthy dose of confidence is usually pretty sexy.

Girl: And our combined narcissism is almost too much to bear!

Guy: Oh what are we to do with us?

Girl 2: I love how all the comments are by you guys, for you guys, about you guys! Total harmony!

Guy 2: Agreed, too much PDN, get a room!
by artofpossibility December 14, 2012
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PDN = Proctologically Derived Number. An obscure mathematical classification for almost all numbers, including dollar amounts, presented to the public by governmental entities, politicians, pork-barrel government contractors, and other self-righteous prevaricators, with the sincere claim that the number is totally based on sound science, fiscal integrity, and the public's best interest. PDNs are typically presented as having at least an order of magnitude higher accuracy and reliability than the more commonly used WAG (Wild Ass Guess) classification of numbers. A sub-classification of PDNs is the LBSPDN (Loose Bowel Syndrome PDN), typified by numbers presented in such a manner or quantity as to inundate the public, leaving them flush with bewilderment.
The proposed Federal budget presented by the Bush Administration to the Congress, and the American people, is a fathomless melange of obfuscated PDNs.
by hydrogeo February 24, 2007
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Stands for Pre-Drinking Nap.The act of getting some rest before going to th bar or party in order to go hard all night. Popular with college students.
Natalie: So what's the plan for the night?

Carrie: Dinner at 4:30, a quick PDN, shower party, then we're hitting the town for a crazy night!
by Big Mama T January 20, 2011
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Pretty Dumb Nigga. - 'Pretty' is not to be used as 'very'. As in: a 'very dumb nigga'. It is used as a description to imply physical attractiveness. Ex: He is very pretty.
friend: "damn he's fine but hella dumb"
me: "didn't you know girl?! he's a PDN."
by mrs. sterling June 1, 2007
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The guy everyone knows who believes he's more intelligent than he actually is. More condescending and judgemental than yo momma after you callin from jail needing bailed out. Spends most of his time playing league of legends in his parents basement and being rejected by tinder girls.
Lulz such a PDN (Pretentious Douche Nerds) , gtfo newb
Fat Larry hasn't gotten off his computer in 16 hours, I think he won't stop looking at hentai. He's really become a PDN!
by Harrybuuulllls February 2, 2018
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Top tier weed (gas , zaza) meaning premium dead niggas. Made by @takeofffzay
You smoking them PDNS
by Take11 January 26, 2023
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Proctologically Derived Number. PDNs are usually the response by politicians when asked the cost or popularity of something they're proposing or supporting. They've obviously dug deep into the bowels of the issue to pull out this number.
The proposed federal budget, a blatant PDN, will put no additional burden on the taxpayers! The vast majority of them support this number! Stick your hands up if you agree!
by hydrogeo May 23, 2023
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