When someone puts their own name on urban dictionary saying how great they are
Abby:Abby is a great girl with beatiful eyes
Alex: That’s narcissism you dumb slag
by That one 🅱️🅾️I May 14, 2018
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1. the world-view of an indivdual who only sees things in more of less absolute terms from his or her own perspective without taking objective indications to the contrary into consideration; 2. somenoe with a unilateral perspective centered only upon him or herself; 3. an affliction on co-depdendent wannabees who will never experience real happiness based upon their complete inability to empathize and share with others.
Laurie's husband is a textbook example of narcissism. He could watch a three hour movie about himself and think the main character (i.e. him) is a total asshole without ever realizing that the movie was about him.
by Ike&Tina July 13, 2010
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True narcissism is someone who has an overly rose colored view of themself. Someone who headlines themself as sexy, or brags about everything they do in a day, even things that aren't really impressive to anybody else, they're just things humans do all the time. Someone who expects other people to treat them the exact same way, to brag about them, to say nothing but nice things about them, to make them feel like they're more than another human. Someone who expects everybody to be okay with them talking more shit than anybody needs to talk to get what's on their mind to other people.
The girl was a walking example of narcissism and hypocrisy, everybody she called narcissistic or hypocrite, though it did apply to them, could also tell how narcissistic and hypocritical she really was, and had always been. The kettles were black, and so was the pot.
by Solid Mantis April 21, 2020
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An unhealthy preoccupation with condom wearing.
You will address all teachers by the N word, narcissism: An unhealthy preoccupation with condom wearing.
- Dennis Prager
by Just Another Idiot November 9, 2019
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Liking who you are, and not feeling like you need to change who you are or what you (or your body) look like is not the same thing as being in love with yourself, so it's not narcissism. Bullshit people tell you it's all narcissism, then after they try and get you to focus on every flaw, the same bullshit people call it insecurity. Bullshit people want you to think you're more insecure than you really are so that you'll want to change, to transform into something you will like, then try and call it narcissism if you actually end up liking yourself, so really any changes you would make would be pointless in the first place, they were never needed and neither were the people who suggested the changes.
Being yourself and liking it(liking who you are) is not the same thing as narcissism. With people who like to call people narcissistic a lot, sometimes the pot is calling the kettle black, and the kettle is good the way it is. Sometimes the people that need a taste of their own shit the most are the ones trying to give other people a taste of theirs all the time.
by Solid Mantis May 7, 2020
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To narcissize is to use all your manipulation tools for the end goal for the end goal of receiving narcissistic/megamanic supply. This includes hoovering, triangulation, gaslighting, breadcrumbing, future faking, scapegoating, love-bombing and then devaluing, psychological projection, boundary erasing, schadenfreude, and all the other tactics used by both covert and grandiose/overt narcissists. The person being narcissised, the narcissizee, is often either a codependent or echoist.
they wanted to narcissize the sigma male who obviously wouldn't have any of it
by narcissizee no more April 8, 2022
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1. Generally a deeply dysfunctional state of mind in which one is in love with oneself, often at a rather superficial level. From the Greek myth of Narcissus, who wasted away out of unrequited love for his own reflection in a pool.

2. More specifically described at its worst as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD. NPD is characterised by the following:

Refusal to admit that one is narcissistic. The horror author Stephen King once wrote that alcoholics build defence mechanisms like the Dutch build dykes. Narcissists are kind of the same, except that compared to your average narcissist, your average alcoholic is a rank amateur.

An exaggerated sense of self-importance, with the narcissist often talking about private, professional or other interpersonal relationships in which they are involved as though nobody else really existed.

A preoccupation with fantasies of pure or unlimited power, beauty, "authenticity", intelligence, love and so on. Has an urgent need for praise.

A tendency to read what people say out of context, or more likely without any context, and a disability to spot when they are being taken for a ride.

Belief on the narcissist's part that people vastly more gifted than they are (in whatever respect) are their natural equals, and a snobbish contempt for anything less.

A sense of entitlement; narcissists are typically manipulative, haughty, arrogant and generally destructive in their relationships with others.

A narcissist may appear overly anxious to show respect for the property and privacy of those they cannot profitably step on. Towards those under them in any social hierarchy (employees, offspring, subservient spouses, etc.,), they are shamelessly controlling, frequently treating such other peoples' property as their own to use or discard, on a more trivial level barging intrusively into their conversations, and so on. Narcissists treat those below them, or loyal to them, as extentions of their own egos.

Lack empathy and tends to treat other people like dirt, when they can get away with it.

Project a sense of immense effort, as though eternally hoping that some teacher will award them an A for it; at the same time their work is frequently slipshod and they secretly delegate to social subordinates.

Narcissists show no need to take any responsibility for the untoward results of their own actions, frequently going to ingenious extremes to weasel their way out of anything of the sort. After all, anything else would first require them to admit, as more than some petty platitude, that they aren't perfect.

Frequently project their own shortcomings onto others, especially whose whom they can control or of whom they are envious.
Carol's narcissism inspired her first husband to leave everything to her in his will. Some say she drove him into an early grave. She enjoys the money, but now nobody with a brain cell will touch her and her kids don't want to know her.
by Fearman March 28, 2008
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