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Short for: Pain By Tight Socks, a widespread disease caused by wearing to tight and/or too small socks. It causes pain to the lower ankles, and can be cured by wearing bigger socks, removing rubber bands from your socks, cutting your feet off, take off socks and/or folding your sock down.

This horrid disease was discovered and called by CaptainCrackers.

Disclaimer: by pain i mean, pain pain, not emo pain.
Normal Person: Man this PBTS is killing my anckles, do you know how i can get rid of it?
Super awesome Crackers: Cut your feet off!
by CaptainCrackers July 10, 2008
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meaning, partying hard for no specific time limit or specific place. usually a party with lots of alcohol and lots of members of the opposite sex.
Marc: Yo brah, what are you up to?
Shaun: Just got back from Cali.
Marc: What did you do?
Shaun: We PBTed everyyyy night.
Marc: i love the west sideee, bitch.
by barracooda June 16, 2009
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Penis Bonding Time. Meaning: bonding with one's penis; Another phrase for masterbating.
Terry: I'm going to my room to have PBT. Do not disturb.
Amanda: Wtf is "PBT"?
Terry: Penis Bonding Time!
Amanda: Eww that's nasty!
Terry: Oh well, you wanted to know!
by Terick March 27, 2014
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Premium Breast Time - Derives from a time where Stuart and Nick got girls to flash their boobs whilst heavily intoxicated. The best time to do this (i.e. when they were most pissed)was decided as being between the hours of 10-12. The meaning has now changed and is now the word for the act of girls exposing their breasts.
"Hey Nick did you get any PBT last night?"
"Yeah, some fat bird got her's out!"
by Breagz June 25, 2004
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standing for 'post bitch traumatic stress'.
pbts is the fear of going to a social event after being an absolute bitch to peole who will also be attending the event.
Sarah: How pumped are you to rock the party tonihgt?
Jade: nah, I was a total bitch to vic the other night and now im suffering from PBTS
by Shntzl November 01, 2007
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Paper Bag Treatment Shag - To have sex with someone who is ugly or to comment on how someone has a nice body but an ugly face
Boy 1: "She's hot"
Boy 2: "Oh Yeah? Wait till she turns around she's a PBTS"
by The Ultimate PBTS March 27, 2008
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