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An abbreviation standing for Phantom Ball Pain. PBP is a sudden pain in one or both testicles for no particular reason. PBP can happen at any time and can range from a mild ache to intense pain. PBP is normal in post-pubescent males and does not require medical attention unless it occurs frequently.
I was about to put a gallon of milk in my grocery cart when PBP struck and I dropped it on the floor. What a mess.
by Stand By One March 31, 2008
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in some cases it means 'Point Blank Period'
Mickey- why are you breaking up with me...?

Stacey- u cheated on me, i dont want you anymore PBP!! Thats it!!
by xTheeExquizitx October 17, 2010
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Peanut. Butter. Princess. Just a cute nickname that legendary MachoMunch(TM) created for a special someone.
That’s my p.b.p, she soooo special ...
by MachoMunch May 28, 2018
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Acronym for "peanut butter pie". Riding a stolen vehicle through large puddles of mud (thus resembling peanut butter), generally in empty urban spaces (alleys, beneath bridges, etc.), then smoking marijuana in the vehicle with the windows open, forming white smoke clouds that resemble whipped cream. Often, other snack foods are involved (to tend to the post-high munchies), such as chips or candy.
Steve: Hey man, you want to go to the opera tonight?
Ronald: Naw, let's go PBP instead!
Steve: Good thinking! I still have Pringles and jolly ranchers left over from last time!
by sugaR_on_top April 01, 2010
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Pussies Behind Poles:

A World of Warcraft term for people (usually healers) in arenas who's playstyle is hiding constantly behind poles away from enemy line of sight almost the entire fight.
A poor excuse of claiming to be pvping, and realistically is a peasant class fighting style.

Common defense against this insult would be "but its a strategy!" ..
Strategies comes in different skill levels.. demonstrating PBPing just shows your calibre as a PVPer.
For the good players out there, if you PBP, dont let your ego excuse you of this fact, for a good pvper can still heal, or do whatever, without the need to PBP.

If it leads you to lose your battles, then at least you lose with honour, instead of winning, a nub...
A 2v2 battle on Nagrand Arena, where a pally just sits behind the pole, leaving his warrior out there beating the enemy, and only comes out to clease, and heal, before retreating back to his pole.

The enemy decides to chase after the pally, but the pally, using his PBP instincts, naturally just runs around the pole, to avoid getting hit, and if he gets a chance, runs behind the next pole.

Warrior takes one enemy down, but even with one opponent left, pally still sits behind the pole... waiting for his warrior to slowly beat the last enemy down.

They win the fight..and inside the pally's mind, hes thinking "oh yeh! We owned them. We're so good".

Pffft..... Bloody PBP, L2PVP
by ArmarageX May 27, 2007
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Posessed by puberty.
Describes a 12-14 year old boy who's just hit puberty, but it hit him like a truck. Tiny wisp of a mustache, long linky body, cracky voice, awkward manner, quiet, etc.
Person one: "Damn, that kid has the most squeaky annoying voice. What the fuck is with that mustache thing?"

Person two: "He's PBP."
by B-Drizzle Bitchess January 24, 2009
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On the forums, "PBP" is an acronym for "previously banned poster."
LionelMessi, who has 20,000 posts, gets banned on July 1, 2011. On July 4, 2011, "KB89" joins realgm.

KB89: Hey everyone. I'm KB. I'm new here. Anyway, I guess you should know I'm a female.

LittleOzzy: hmm so just which PBP are you?
by littleOzzyLikesTheCawk July 04, 2011
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