A short, sharp adjective deried from the word cowpat or cowshit. Is used most effectively when describing something that is utterly terrible or rubbish.
Terry: I am clearly the best footballer in the region!
Josh: Nah mate, you are so PATT!

Jack: That goal i just scored was so good. :)
Jordan: You blasted it from all of 2 yards like always. You are PATT!
Jack: :(

Ryan: I will clearly beat you on FIFA 11, Tom. I always batter Joe like 3-0.
Joe: Why lie?
Ryan (after losing to Tom 4-0): Ok, perhaps I am PATT after all.
Tom: Too right mate.
Ryan: :'( (throws controller on floor)
by Fenners5itfc October 9, 2010
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one of the biggest pranksters of all time grew up in antioch california and has done many pranks throughout the years including some of the funniestphone calls that were played on howard stern
punkster patt is cool
by punkster patt June 9, 2006
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The nerdy teacher down the hall that will weird you out at first, and never makes direct eye contact with you, but in the end you will fall for him so hard and then google what to do when you're in love with your science teacher.
Who's that new teacher down the hall he is weird? Oh that's just mr patt
by Chemistry lover November 22, 2016
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by bigdinky420 February 3, 2018
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Patt-a-man-tium is having the ability to get through anything; it is the essence of being a warrior with much strength.
Patty will prevail because she is the complete essense of patt-a-man-tium, much like adamantium.
by a friend of pattamantium May 27, 2009
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A artistic sculpture in which one or more of the models breasts are bare/showing. Often time these sculptures are made entirely for the personal pleasure of the artist, however in today's times these seemingly useless displays of eroticism and extortion of the female body go for quite large sums on the black markets of England, America, and the Honduras.

Also reffered to as a "titty sculpture".
I was watching Antiques Roadshow today, some lady got a Patte du Var appraised for $ 15000! It was such a titty sculpture!.
by duhguyuwishwashur May 5, 2009
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