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Love him or hate him, Howard Stern is the juggernaut of modern day radio. Propaganda aside numbers are the true test of his merit and that he is still very relevant after his move to Sirius. Before Stern 600,000 Sirius subscribers and at this time they are over 5,000,000 strong and closing in on XM who wasted money on Oprah with her 30 minutes a week on the air. I am sure not all the new subscribers are for Stern but a vast majority are and the buzz he created peeked the interest for the others. He may whine that people rip him off and he may have not have invented everything in morning radio he just perfected it.
Howard Stern brought over at least 2,000,000 subscribers to Sirius, Opie and Anthony brought thousands of listeners to XM.
by Bukkake the porno clown November 24, 2006
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Known for his atrocious radio show "the howard stern show" he is thought and critiqued to be the most saddest form of radio entertainment in history. Preferably known for attacking peoples interest, there looks and even to what there occupation is, he uses his same old gimmick to reel in listeners and gain attention which is a rather pitiful attempt in this case. If "trash talking" with no sense of humor and a radio show host who acts like an appalling and abhorrent person on a daily basis, then howard stern is for you.
John: Dude i swear i'm telling you the truth bro, you got to believe me!
David: Why would i believe you? Your like howard stern, your full of bull shit.
by MarioKartWiiWii August 03, 2016
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Media personality and creative force behind The Howard Stern Show. Innovative and ingenious, Stern's quick wit and seemingly fearless approach to everything that strikes him has resulted in a most charismatic and enigmatic entertainer. Responsible for numerous pop culture concepts such as American Idol, Street Sense to name a few.
While deeply constricted in his efforts to entertain as of late, Stern's show has become the new Mecca for comedians. Successful appearances can almost guarantee success to the comedian, where unsuccessful ones (See Jackie Martling) can virtually end a career.
by Mister Skin July 26, 2005
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Cut a deal with serious for $500 million! in 5 years thats $100 million a year for a radio dj who sits there n bs's all day this guy is the smartest jew ive ever met
Damn that fool has a nose like howard stern to bad he dont got a bank account like his ugly ass
by JENNY JAMES September 28, 2005
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Someone unafraid to speak his mind on any topic at any time. Because he is famous he has a HOT Model girlfriend who would never in ANY case even look his way if he was like, the Manager of KFC or something.
Hey---you listen to Howard Stern this morning? I pleassured myself to his radio show and hit a tree. (Real horror show)
by Andi February 09, 2005
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The greatest DJ who ever lived. Period.
The only man with any guts to stand-up to the Powers-That-Be and tell the uncensored truth!
The first truly alternative morning radio show worth listening to, as compared to the "Morning Zoo Crews."
The only one worth listening to.
The ONE!
"Howard Stern has the distinct honor of having a public rest-room named after him on the Jersey Turnpike!"
by Carl J. Maltese May 15, 2007
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One of the biggest icons of the entertainment industry and someone who really revolutionized comedy.
People with no brain will call him "a loser who is ugly and says stupid things..." etc. but they miss the point that:
a)it is hard to call a man who is a radio legend and multi multi millionaire a "loser"
b)the man knows he is ugly and says stupid things, that is what his comedy is based on: stupid and controversial topics.

He is an unlikely celebrity and represents the underdog rather than being a complete fraud like many celebrities. so if you don't like him then go fucking pop in a Julia Roberts movie while listening to a Madonna or Cher album becuase obviously you don't like honesty

Howard Stern has ruled the radio airwaves for over 20 years

If you list the biggest comedy genius of all time you cannot leave Howard off that list
by Michael Scholl March 08, 2005
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