Or "s - pah!" Commonly used by beasts and weasels worldwide.
"S pah!" U smell!
by Gaynor October 13, 2003
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acronym for pissed as hell/heck
A: hey, what's up?
B: nm im just tryna buy some music off of rhapsody and the files won't open on my computer. pah
A: aw man that sucks
B: yeah I'm out $5

X: how was your audition? did you make it?
Y: nah man this girl was messing me up in the audience. I tripped and missed a line. pah
by DubstepTrebek March 30, 2011
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or as the insiders know it, Photographic Agony Hhahaha

This is a sly comment used to insult someones picture; usually on social networking sites or if you are especially cunning. IN REAL LIFE : 0. The real life execution is a complex maneuver, once the PAH-er has completed this he/she should punch the air in joy. This is essential.
Kirsty "do u like my picture?"
John "PAH"
Kirsty "sorry? did you get something caught in your throat?"
John "no. literally your photo is PAH"
Kirsty "oh..." (wonders if she is being stupid)
John "just a minute" (walks off and punches the air in joy)
by czechboiiiiii June 19, 2009
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Extreme lol moment, one expresses feeling of hilarity by shouting Pah!
"Pah! That was sooo funny"
by X11N3 September 24, 2009
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An exclamation of humour. Said after a false statement as a form of sarcasm.
What are you? A pooch? Pah!
by Tessa Bide June 11, 2007
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sound expression used when someone says something useless/idiotic, such as when nick calls himself a prophet
by DjTinaG!! December 10, 2010
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