Stinky smell or odor. Breakfast for Hawaiians. Makes you feel bad. Makes you feel like shit.
Mommy you have a "pahu (pah-hoo)" odor coming from your underarms.
Here's your "pahu (pah-hoo)" fellow Hawaiians.
Your nothing but "pahu (pah-hoo)" you stupid female dog.
Your "pahu (pah-hoo)" and you know that you male Donkey.
by pervert69 December 15, 2013
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The ultimate trump card in any argument that surpasses No U
Anyone who gets hit is bound to be annihilated and will avoid you forever.
by DefinitelyNotSilver February 13, 2019
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what one will say when they wish to go down a dry ski slope on a kona mountain bike
look hes going down a dry ski slope on his uncles kona with a rabbit - "frig chig pah!!!!"
by soundbowi February 19, 2012
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a sound accompanying a karate-style attack
dude 1: so anyway blah blah blah...
dude 2: WO-PAH!!
dude 1: *dies*
by corvis April 14, 2008
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