Adjective meaning attractive or buff, or noun with same implications.
"That girl is pah!"

"That's a pah."
by John Cackett May 4, 2008
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The sound created by punching your ovaries, or pelvic area with your fist. Must be hit with a wrist snap action to get the essential 'PAH' sound. also used as a subsitute for 'fuck'
'Tiffany if you dont shutup in going to 'PAH' you'

'PAH' off

this is 'PAH'ing' stupid
by ausgemma January 26, 2006
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like Meh but diffrent.
Me: Im reallly BORED!
You: Meh!
Me: Pah!
You: lol
by Add Hone April 3, 2007
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An all-purpose expression of the inexpressible quintessence of life. (originated on Vancouver Island and was spread to the mainland by crazed drama geeks)
Vincent greeted us with a hearty "Pah!!"
by Brendann June 5, 2005
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when scott called and said we were gonna hit some clubs and look for babies i could only reply with a resounding 'let pah!'
by provider44 January 14, 2010
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The act of humming out a song saying the word "pah" instead of humming.
Man I love that song, why don't you bust a pah; or, I like to pah this tune. The recendent confirms the wish, and pahs the songs out.
by Fishlord July 9, 2006
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