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a mothafuckin badass group of people run by Pockdaddy himself.
P-Unit for life vato!
by mmhawk October 26, 2010
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A rather large or muscley human being, with strength more than the average unit.
by Deedoid February 3, 2017
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Short for Pussy-Unit. Like G-Unit, except that instead of consisting of respected, rappers, it consists of weak, little, wannabe pussies.
(Group of white guys, aka wiggers) Yo, we hardcore!
(Other guy) Ha ah ha! Your just P-Unit!
by S_t_G October 15, 2004
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Someone who has a "P" at the star of his name and can be called "P-Unit"
"Yes P-Unit , hows u"
by P-Unit x October 24, 2008
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1. A bunch of skeets from Paradise, NL.
They just sit around drinking beer, throwing rocks, and listening to 50 cent.

2. Paradise itself.
"P-p-p-Unit! We drinks!"

"Who the hell are those queers?"
"Just some P-Unit fags."
by Bake-Ahh September 26, 2006
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A rag-tag group of miscreant women who consistently lie to themselves because they refuse to believe that they are winos.
"What happened to the party?"

"It hasn't gotten started; P-Unit's not here yet."
by Entomologist September 29, 2005
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parental unit, consisting of a mother and father figure
"meet me at the pub"
"ok i'l just check with the p unit"
by Sarah&Nic June 24, 2005
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