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Polls and Surveys. More specifically, the Polls and Surveys section of Yahoo Answers. This section is one of the most laid back sections on the whole website. There you can find out things as informative as "Who will win the 2008 election?" Or something as silly as "Boxers or Briefs?" Just about anything goes in P&S, but as a consequence, regulars of the section have lost the ability to gain Top Contributor status. That's okay. The most loyal P&S users will not allow anything like a silly orange badge keep them from their other loyal friends.

See also their rival section Religion and Spirituality(R&S).
What should I ask in P&S today? I think I will ask a series of "would you rather" questions, and finish with a nice "This or that question" Then I will extend the answering period to a week, and let the voters pick the Best Answer. Ia m twelve after all and cannot be bothered with such silly matters as choosing my own Best Answer.
by Angelica Bowman(PCB) November 29, 2007
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The saucy princess of the R&S section of Yahoo answers. She has won the hearts of hundreds, and headed the very selective Royalty Clique. High priestess of Norrisism, and a proud member of the LDS faith. Known for her sweet nature, public crushes, and Chuck Norris. Recently, however, due to being stalked and persecuted for her beliefs, she was recently banished indefinitely from the section she brought so much joy to.In honor of their beloved princess, the remaining Royalty Clique members (Princess Catti-Brie VT, Prince Drizzt, Going Postal, Pinay and Peter Priesthood) have nominated her for R&S sainthood. She is now referred to by her friends as St. Love yahoo!!! wannabe a princess. She will be forever remembered, and her friends eagerly await her return from the dead.
Why would anyone stalk Love Yahoo!!! wannabe a princess? That's like trying to shank the Easter Bunny.
by Angelica Bowman(PCB) November 29, 2007
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Religion and Spirituality. More specifically, the Religion and Spirituality section of Yahoo Answers. R&S is not for the faint of heart. There are often very heated battles between regulars of all faiths, most prominent being Atheists, Fundamental Christians(aka fundie), Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, and others.

Let's not forget about the rivalry with their sibling category, Polls & Surveys (P&S). The sections often have bitter wars involving a group from one section or the other asking a bunch of questions in the other group, and anyone that gets their account suspended goes on to be Yahoo answers martyrs.
Those R&S regulars are some of the best people in the world, until they come into contact with regulars of opposing beliefs. Then the claws come out, and the only victors are the vile temptresses. Enter at both your own risk and delight.
by Angelica Bowman(PCB) November 29, 2007
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A Top Contributor on Yahoo Answersis a person who is particularly knowledgeable in up to three sections on the answers website. The specific formula is not known, but one can become a Top Contributor by doing the following:

*~Getting a lot of best answers for the category
*~Keeping questions to a minimum
*~if a question is asked, choosing the Best Answer yourself, as opposed to going letting it be decided by vote
*~Reliably reporting abuse
*~voting for best answers on unresolved questions

Top contributors are identified by the bright orange badge underneath the avatars of users. They are reviewed weekly, and if you do not maintain the previous level of contribution, you can lose top contributor status.
OMG! I just got a Top Contributor badge this week! I hope it doesn't make me the target of abuse from report trolls. But it is worth the bragging rights!
by Angelica Bowman(PCB) November 29, 2007
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