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To slack off;to get by on charm & charm alone;to be without skill.
I didn't work at all today. I pulled a gessler.
I gesslered it today.
by Cowski November 30, 2007
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A code used, usually by guys, when an attractive woman(women) is(are) somewhere nearby and the other guys need to be notified without alerting said attractive woman(women) that she(they) is(are) being observed.

This is usually used in an office atmosphere, in a retail chain outlet over the loudspeaker or in mixed company.
Steve: "John, did you see the C15 in the software aisle?"
John: "Oh yeah...she was definitely a C15!!"
John: "We had a C15 at the front desk today around 2:00."
Steve: "Oh, I wasn't aware."
Boss: "Where are my TPS reports? And what is a C15?"
John & Steve: *laughs*
by Cowski June 18, 2010
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{abbreviation of power shit};to take a shit that makes you drowsy;a shit so bad your stomach cramps up. Proper terminology to use in mixed company or an office environment.
Dude...I have to take a huge p/s!
by Cowski July 15, 2008
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