A censored version of poop that little, midget, wimp kids use.
I did a p**p
by Coolcreeperchickenbutt October 04, 2018
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face that neppy invented

neppy (athena) is a guy from irc

supposed to be "o-o"
<Athena> p=p
<kallen> o-o
<Mr-Kuppy> o_o
<eddy> o_o
<Jonmang> o_o
<Laggy> what a dumb face p=p;;
<Kazuo> p=p...
<Sonia> o.o;;;
<Sezuke> p=p;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
<ChanServ> ...
by kallen July 31, 2003
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Common typo for the aim slang word lol. When you see this used, you can pretty much discern that the writer is a complete fucking moron.
way2hot4u696969: p;p!111
j4n15: Are you high or just mentally retarded?
by Janis January 22, 2005
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Pull or Pass

Pull pass
Josh: Hey Diane, p/p me?
Diane: Definitely pass, yo ass ugly as fuck
by Huggabugga hubbabubba March 30, 2019
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Any local (cheap) beer or ale that is at an event or party, usually brought by someone not invited (named for Pawtucket Patriot Ale from Family Guy)
Albert wanted some decent brew, but had to settle for p p beer
by manshark December 14, 2014
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P-P time is a time generaly from 11pm-4:30am where men (commonly teens) stop what they are doing to masturbate and then peacefully go to bed.
Slouchycap71675-Aye yo Winner, I think im going to go

Winner970-Ah damn man what for

Slouchycap71675-I got a few things to do and... its P-P time

Winner970-Oh shit aight I got you, its about P-P time for me too, I’ll see you later
by Winner97o June 23, 2018
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