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Pump the Breaks. You use this phrase when you want someone to slow down. This is used instead of the terms "relax" or "chill out"
Kyle told Sara to P the B's when she asked him to get married prematurely.
by Awesomenessnessness21 June 17, 2011
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Pump the brakes, or "p the b's," is a common vernacular synonym for, "slow down your pony," or "bee-atch this relationship is moving too fast."

One will use "p the b's" to request that his current situation, namely a relationship, lessen its rapid pace.
Monica: Scott, will you move in with me?

Scott: P the b's woman, I just wanna some of your jelly.
by the unpaid intern June 21, 2011
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Used when my boyfriend or I would like a cone/bong packed ready to smoke.

Stands for "Pack the Bong".

Used mainly when kids are around.
Berni: P the B Herni
Herni: Mmmkay Berni, as long as you P the B for me once you're finished.
by Chiggy January 10, 2005
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Steve Greginson: Hey Greg, how much brown you been pounding these days.

Greg Stevenson: I "P the B" all the time brodog!

Steve Gregenson: Sick Bro, Sick
by Bloody Architects February 13, 2008
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