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1 x bucket
1 x cone piece
1 x bottle (preferably a 2L cordial or 2L soda bottle)
Copious amounts of marijuana
1 x lighter

Cut a hole in the lid to fit the cone piece, pack the cone piece with marijuana, set aside.

Fill bucket with water. Cut bottom of bottle out. Submerge bottle in water. Screw lid back on. Light the pot and slowly move the bottle in an upward direction. This will pull the cone. Once the cone is pulled and the smoke is in the bottle, carefully take the lid off and ensure to not let too much smoke out of the top of the bottle. Put mouth around bottle top and push down. The smoke will then be forced into your lungs.
After her bucket bong, she nearly coughed up a lung!!
by Chiggy January 11, 2005

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The part of a bong you pack the marijuana into to burn.
Fuck, I thought I lost my cone piece, but I found it on the floor over there
by Chiggy January 11, 2005

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Used when my boyfriend or I would like a cone/bong packed ready to smoke.

Stands for "Pack the Bong".

Used mainly when kids are around.
Berni: P the B Herni
Herni: Mmmkay Berni, as long as you P the B for me once you're finished.
by Chiggy January 10, 2005

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Aussie slang term for marijuana
Chop: How much midlge we got left?
Cass: Enough for a few cones
Chop: Sweet, p the b for me then!!
by Chiggy January 12, 2005

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Acronym for Old Cunt Punch
A: Did you see the fight today?
B: Yeah I did, it was between 2 old blokes
A: Yeah, there were plenty of OCP's being thrown about
by ChiGGy April 18, 2005

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