In your face, obvious, open and observable.

Opposite of covert
"Though the two had been dating for a month, their parents were very concerned about the displays of overt affection."

"An overt lie"
by hanna_xu April 12, 2006
something that you can imagine having glorious amazing sex with,doesnt have to be a person. usually sexually attractive
Dan: that girl is well overted
Fred: i know dude i can imagine fucking her all night

Tom thought the turkey was overted, later that evening he fucked it and just as he thought, it was heavenly
by therealdefinitiongod December 15, 2019
Being distasteful, annoying, or just plain bad; All that which is not covert (ant.)
"Ew, that new Clay Aiken song is so clearly overt!"
by maanizza January 13, 2004
really means "over to". Extensively used in the American Rural South.
I went overt Billy Jo's house fer a-while.
by Hallie December 9, 2003
regional dialect for all right (all-vert...overt)
James:were goin to Venus tonight
by Jumbo Jim December 12, 2006
past tense of "over". Used extensively in the American Rural South.
I went overt Billy Jo's house for a while.
by Hallie December 9, 2003
It is a good word to describe last night.
Iam "They were pretty overt last night... It was a little disconcerting..."

Hym "I know! And they didn't even send my neighbor over so I could slut her out!"

Iam "Well... They must not be keeping as good of track of us as they think. The one seemed salutary" 🤷

Hym "That just means we have a bunch of underutilized minions running about..."

Iam "I suppose..."

Hym *sigh* "This has turned into a quite the cluster-fuck..." 🤦
by Hym Iam July 27, 2022