Things that are overhyped and usually sucked off a lot .
Overrated Things like Naruto , One piece , Attack on titan , Clorox , saiki k , my hero academia , romance anime , re zero , code geASS , eren , superman , Batman , Wally west , rimuru , jojo gay adventures, gojo,and sasuke
by Donngohan April 06, 2021
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Dylan: Bro, let’s play Fortnite!
Me: nah g it’s overrated af
by canyounotreadmahname April 17, 2018
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This word is typically used to describe stuff that are overly popularised and talked about. This term can be used to describe a lot of things including bands (such as Little Mix)
Person 1: I love Little Mix, they are the best!
Person 2: (to 3) Ugh they are going on about that band again!!!
Person 3: That band is SOOOO overrated
by HelloMelloMarshmallow April 07, 2019
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When something gets waaay more attention and popularity than it needs
My boyfriends always on fork knife. I just think it’s overrated
by PUBG IS BETTER July 10, 2018
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