The state of being so messed up on drugs/alchohol that you can no longer function without the supervision of a more sober friend.
person 1: What happened last night? I don't remember a thing
person 2: haha, you were in outer space.
person 1: yeah, it feels like it!
by efhj1132 October 01, 2009
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when a girls boobs are separated further then their regular position
GUY1: yo did you see those girl tits!
GUY2: yeah they are so outer spaced
GUY1: i know shit they are like 5 inches apart

(O / \ O)
by CP /DP February 25, 2011
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adj; no longer popular; out of style; lame
Bell bottoms are out. They're outer than out. They're outer space.
by Kyle R 212-->954 December 17, 2007
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When you have the craziest head high and it feels like your mind is floating on clouds Thats a Outer Space High
Im trying to smoke today and get a Outer Space High
by Stacky Warbucks September 02, 2016
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A “monster” that lands in the fictional town of Bumbleyburg in veggietales. When Junior asparagus keeps telling lies about breaking his dads collectors plate, the Fib grows to be a giant heck of a problem, such as smashing cars, ripping apart building decorations, and spinning a cow decor piece so hard that it flies off, catching Officer Scooter Carrot’s attention.
The funniest scene in Larry Boy, and the Fib from Outer Space is when the Fib stands on top of the water tower and shakes Junior like a salt shaker and mistakens Larry for a piece of Candy
by Eli_VeggietalesFan2007 June 24, 2021
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A strange creature of unknown extra-terrestrial origin. Usually somewhat lumpy and brown.
by WHOM? September 25, 2009
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