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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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An underground rap group out of North Philadelphia made up of Crypt the Warchild and Planetary, two Puerto-Ricans who met in high school. Have released the albums Blood & Ashes, Blood Brothers, and Outerspace. Their beats are generally very dark and their lyrics are complex. They are nasty.
I'm the wizard of wordplay
I spit paragraphs in absurd ways
I'm too fly, you die in the worst way
Sort of like burning your body parts, the party starts
And inspires the crowd, like hearin' Marcus Garvey talk
Awkwardly spark beef, I put you all to sleep
The "Blood and Ashes," I keep that all for me
I brainstorm in a blizzard and still remain calm
I walk through the inferno with flames in my palm
I start wars with killers and carnivores
And smash characters' heads in Cadillac car doors
Far more than amateur - I'm immature
Some say I'm Godly for holdin' the sinners' cure
My skin is pure, my body is waterproof
Slaughter the boof and keep blades between my jaw and my tooth
I'm dangerous, man, with just one raise of the hand
My game plan is make grands with my ace in the fam'
Ain't nothin' changed but the budget, and love from the public
I'm still waitin' to kill 'em with one club hit
My rugged approach, they lovin' the most
So while you huggin' your toast, I stay up with the smoke

-Planetary of Outerspace
by lrose1216 December 24, 2007
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when a girls boobs are separated further then their regular position
GUY1: yo did you see those girl tits!
GUY2: yeah they are so outer spaced
GUY1: i know shit they are like 5 inches apart

(O / \ O)
by CP /DP February 25, 2011
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A place you go to when you're incredibly high.
Damn, dude! Jake brought some of that good shit down here the other day and man.. We got so fucked up, we fuckin' went to outerspace!
by The K. Funk March 24, 2010
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The state of being so messed up on drugs/alchohol that you can no longer function without the supervision of a more sober friend.
person 1: What happened last night? I don't remember a thing
person 2: haha, you were in outer space.
person 1: yeah, it feels like it!
by efhj1132 October 01, 2009
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The world that exists beyond the hole in the wall that separates Fraggle Rock from Doc's inventor's shop. It is populated mainly by Silly Creatures who have bizarre customs that baffle most Fraggles, in particular Uncle Traveling Matt, who has gone to their world to study them.
GOBO: Uncle Traveling Matt says that the Silly Creatures of Outerspace have giant Doozer constructions that are totally inedible but the Silly Creatures seem to like to put doozer carts on them so they can go up and down on them real fast.

RED: Why would they want to do that?

GOBO: I dunno. He says that everybody was screaming at him later for throwing up on something called a rollercoaster.
by MK5055 May 13, 2011
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