to say something too far or someone that acts so goofy that no definition can express
girl: your dad is sooo hot!
me: stop that's disgusting.
girl: noo I would fuck the shit outta him!
me: never say that again, that was just out of pocket...
by Dessyyy October 29, 2019
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Jenna: Where is Talia?
Harry: Don't know, been out of pocket...
Jenna: Oh, ok. Where?
Harry: Traveling and meeting clients.
Talia has been out of pocket since Monday.
by FlipFlopKing January 26, 2023
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When someone is talking nonsense and it is hard to understand what they are trying to say. It could also mean that they are saying stuff that is not related to the subject.
Jake is out of pocket. “What are you saying“ said Zack. “Yo Jake your out of pocket” said Hank.
by Doctor Mike h. Smith October 17, 2019
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Someone did something hella fucked up to a white person in their 30s.
by mckswag September 2, 2018
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Slang meets colloquialism:

Speaking out of your rear, In this case your rear is the pocket.

Removes the first word and your and hence removing the previous limits and this increase the variety of application.

(You,that, it, _____) (are,is) (so) out of pocket.

See “out of your a**”
Interracial couple listens to “white Christmas

Her: “it’s a white Christmas cuz you’re white.”
Anyone: “she/that is out of pocket.”

Him: “simps”

Her: clown
by Jamwithlead May 14, 2021
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to be out of control; way off base. usually deserving of a good slapping or a full-blown ass- kicking.
"Tamika had 7 shots of hennessy last night and tried to get on my man. She was way out of pocket so i smacked the belligierant ho"
by Etiwanda May 30, 2005
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The Oxford English Dictionary says out of pocket meaning "out of reach, absent, unavailable" dates back to the US of the early 20th century:
1908 ‘O. Henry’ Buried Treasure in Ainslee”s July 69/2 Just now she is out of pocket. And I shall find her as soon as I can.
1946 Sunday Times-Signal (Zanesville, Ohio) 12 May i. 7/1 They told citizens here that somebody was ‘out of pocket’ in Bowie and Miller counties the nights of the killings, and urged them to recall whether anyone they knew was missing on those dates.
1973 J. Peterson Sicilian Slaughter 53 Her hands shook as she dialed. But her connection was out of pocket.
1974 Anderson (S. Carolina) Independent 20 Apr. 1 a/1 If you have ever been sick and the only doctor is out of pocket for the weekend, then you know we need more doctors.
2002 A. Phillips Prague iii. viii. 229 Five-day weekend for me, Charlie, starting in eighteen minutes. I”ll be out of pocket until Tuesday.
by bymidnight March 4, 2016
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