A term that defines a personal activity hard-boundary; beyond which, the probability of catastrophic outcome prohibits further participation.
Hey, let's see how many times we can just run across the fucking road with our eyes closed...
You first Bro. I wanna see what happens when you run Out of Luck.
by YAWA October 4, 2019
When a request or problem is described, this phrase is used to tell the person that what they need or are requesting is simply not possible/available and probably won't be in the near future. An "urban" variation of "out of luck".
Jill: I'd like to borrow your bike so that I can go down to the grocery store.
Jack: Sorry Jane, its got a flat, you're shit out of luck.
by James McKey March 2, 2006
To be utterly fucked with no escape. See ending of Dead Pool for more info
Harry Callahan-"You're outta bullets...And you know what that means, you're shit out of luck."
by Beef n chips November 21, 2009
This is a variation on the more time honored "shit out of luck". It is an even more adamant reference to the fact that the person being addressed is in a bad position with no obvious or readily available resolution. The phrase also has a very succinct internal rhyme and is therefore preferred by the more poetic users of 'colorful metaphors'.
Jill: Can I borrow your bike to go down to the grocery store? I need to get some feminine products RIGHT NOW!
Jack: Sorry, my bike was abducted by aliens, you're fuck out of luck!
by James McKey March 2, 2006
(1) The word speaks for itself. Get used to it. You're shit out of Luck.
*A man walks into a convenience store in the middle of nowhere, drenched in sweat*

Man: Help! My car just broke down 6 miles away. Can you....

*Clerk interrupts*

Clerk: You're shit out of Luck. I'm just closing.

Man: HEY! Fuck you! Help me, you bastard!

Clerk: Fuck off, I'm going home.
by SteppinNeppin September 13, 2009
A state of being in which nothing ever goes your way even when it should. Normally others gain off your unluckiness pushing you further down the endless spiral and making your luck shittier.
Nick: those are last week's numbers.
Bob: ...WHAT?!

Nick: I won this week and it was an extra million because of the rollover from last week.
Bob's wife: I'm leaving you.
Bob: I'm always shit out of luck
by Henry Billington August 16, 2009
The safe way of saying SOL.

When you fail because of something out of your hands.

Especially popular in the dialect of Brampton, where minorities rule and a young, intelligent brown girl with "ridiculous swag", two cats away from insanity, is trapped for the summer.
Those chicks look pretty hot" "Yea man, but they go to med school" "Aw, that's a 5 point reduction. Call me plum out of luck.
by drizzydrake22 July 7, 2011