Sydney says this a lot and she doesn’t actually know what it means lol
Sydney: this food is good
Friend: ikr it’s actually really good
Sydney: oui oui baguette
Friend: huh?
Sydney: idek
by psistillloveu February 3, 2019
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Something sydney Serena has been saying lately

She doesn’t even really know why she said it ( she thinks it sounds funny I guess ?)
But we still love her she’s a kween

by Leoxka February 5, 2019
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teacher: could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot even he cant eat it,
say it in french

me: Oui Oui baguette
by hashhashbrown February 7, 2019
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on csgo:
french guy: can we try rushing a please?? (on a french accent)
guy 1: oh là là oui oui baguette je ne pas ecouté le radio c'est magnifique
french guy: can you shut the fuck up
guy 1: je ne sais pas où est la bibliothèque excusez-moi
by kerosenx March 17, 2021
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stereotypical french
very funny
hur hur hur har har
frenchman: "oui oui baguette"
by gurhrhggr February 17, 2022
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Zseni but he got infected by the french virus, and has become addicted to wine baguettes and pasta. And now wears a french cap but he also now has a fancy mustache, but that's actually a good thing, mustaches are very pog
"ZSENI GOT INFECTED, HE'S NOW Oui Oui Baguette Zseni"
by Zann McBumberSnazzle May 21, 2021
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In English (slang) it translates to "my pussy be snatched" commonly used by Instagram model sahar luna
Girl 1: how did it go last night with zayn
Girl 2: oui oui bonjour baguette

Girl 1: OOOOF! tell me all the details
by michaelsbigbooty101 August 1, 2017
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