The act of joining a party/group only to be rejected and or make an unnecessary drama about it.
Jesus, don’t you think Judith is Orielling!?
Yeah, just a bit, no one likes her!
by Anonymous663 August 29, 2019
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A beautiful girl that can be underestimated and misunderstood at times. People are jealous and they make lies about her. But she doesn't care. She has her head high and has her best friend Alex beside her at all times. Alex is a girl. She cares about others feelings.
beautiful, fearless, nice, caring, orielle
by areallyreallyreallygoodfriend December 9, 2009
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That gay artist that loves donuts and is friendly but acts really gay and says he isnt
Ohh look at oriel acting gay again
by Jawooshie March 5, 2019
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Cambridge University undergraduate slang for anus. Derived from the word for a round window.

See also: Oriel high
I've got a really itchy oriel
by hedon June 23, 2004
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A feat of extreme rarity. Like catching the elusive snitch in a Quidditch match, Love the Oriel or Loving the Oriel is a Rugby Drop-goal performed impromptu in a game by any member of the team rather than just the obvious choices. A Prop Loving the Oriel is the rarest and most pure of all forms of Love and is most definitely a sight to behold.
He "Loves the Oriel"!
Or chants of "Love the Oriel!" from the sidelines.
by meganips123 May 31, 2009
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The intense sensations experienced by men when their prostate is stimulated by penetration of their oriel.
Stick your finger up my bum and give me an oriel high please!
by hedon June 23, 2004
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