A very unpleasant and painful or difficult experience.
Jim:Did you knew in 2005 three journalist of Romania who departed in Irak were abducted by terorists?They had a horrible ordeal.

Billy:Didn't knew.
by Toa Pohatu February 8, 2017
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When too many people are involved in a decision which involves all persons engaging in an activity, and it becomes too difficult to decide where to go, or how to execute the plan.
We were all supposed to go out, but noone could agree on which restaurant, who would ride with who, there was so much ordealism that some of us lost interest in even going.
by Bellairegirl October 10, 2011
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adj: (also ordelic) describes a situation where one would experience a stressful, traumatic or otherwise uncomfortable event ot series of events
Jason's visit to the department of motor vehicles was ordealic because he waited on line for about four hours and visited many clerks only to be told that the vehicle he had purchased was stolen.
by dkarez4u March 17, 2010
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An Imposing Caucasian with characteristics peculiarly similar to that of George Costanza. A spin-off from "The Situation" that nobody conscious would claim.
"That guys is a real ass-baby. From now on, we refer to him as "The Ordeal"".
by Thrill Style October 6, 2010
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Slang for vagina, often used in conjunction with situation. The useage developed so that one could discuss sex without alerting others.
The whore's ordeal was loose.
by Mel April 13, 2004
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Usually barbies use it to say something is cute (YOUR OUT FiT, SHOES,ACESSORIES.
Bashing Barbie : Aye fish yo outfit is ordeal
Ken Barbie : i kno sus Ordeal,Ordeal
by DATBARBiE August 3, 2007
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1.) A practice used back in the medieval ages for determining ones innocence or guilt by doing something dangerous

2.) What the templar's sky fortress rumble is called

3.when you get an app and it makes you do a inescapable, one week trial and makes you pay for it for the trial
1.) You are acussed for stealing for killing in the royal forest, to prove your innocence, you must punch this bear in the face

2.)*distant fighting and a screaming female could be heard*

Intelligence expert: Did she logged back in and tried to do all her drills?

Tactical officer: yes.

Intelligence expert: trial by ordeal with the templar?

Tactical officer: at least she ain't getting fucked by him.

PC during the rumble: *LET ME LAND A FUCKING HIT ON YOU!*

3.)dude this app thrown a Trial by ordeal on me
by HAFFLEPAFF June 18, 2019
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