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Originated from the name of a football team, but now used as whatever you want it to mean. Commonly used as an exclamation.
TJ: We are going to the movies. Sam: ORCH!
by worpedo July 25, 2019
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May 8 Word of the Day
1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Slang for Angry Orchard, a brand of hard cider.
"Yo Alex, grab me an orch from the fridge"
"Yeah sure Pete you fucking legend "
by Esqa September 08, 2016
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A word to continually use when you at trying to ignore someone on Snapchat
Johny:your being such a dick. Joe : orch
by Loofahkilla April 23, 2019
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GIRL: Wow look at the orch on that 😱
BOY: You like ?
by annabella67 April 16, 2020
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