When someone who won't speak to you otherwise still watches every snap on your story/ IG and/or likes your posts. Usually someone who has ghosted you, but not always. Basically they're lingering in your life despite refusing to be an active part in it in any other capacity.
This guy won't answer my texts but he keeps watching my snap story... he's totally orbiting me.
by Smtx.mw October 4, 2018
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Orbiting is when the person who ghosted you , continues to linger in your life by watching every single one of Instagram stories and liking/commenting on your social media posts.
That guy who ghosted me has just liked my selfie, why?

He's orbiting my life!
by wawrinkaK April 30, 2018
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Laughing extremely hard; cackling, wheezing

Unable to control ones laughter
"that was so funny it had me orbiting!"
by xXWildFlowerXx October 13, 2020
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When you are driving and you spot a particularly attractive wench near a roundabout, you continue going around the roundabout ignoring any of the exits and concentrating firmly on the attractive pedestrian. The quality of the goods on show can be judged by the number of orbits completed.
You should have seen the girl standing by the roundabout this morning, she was a triple orbiter make no mistake.
I got caught orbiting last night, she knew exactly what I was doing by the 12th lap.
by Clownspocket November 7, 2008
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Consistently returning to a specific thought, situation, or person. Even after another thought comes along, this one dominates your head space.
Guys i cant stop thinking about this shit, im orbiting...
by ooolive October 30, 2017
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When your bf or gf ghosts you, but still lurks your Instagram/Snapchat story. In other words, this person is completely erased from your life except for the ocassional peek.
That chick is totally orbiting me. He stopped talking to me but I see him in the viewer section of Instagram stories.
by TAERG_EHT_LIAGIBA May 1, 2018
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A state of mind usually reached through the use of narcotics in which a person is so far gone that they appear to be lost in space.
While the rest of us played XBOX, Steven sat silently in the corner, undoubtedly orbiting. Blunts were never his cup of tea,..
by Ms. Behavior November 22, 2011
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