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When the significant other is turtling (when shit is playing peek-a-boo with your butt hole) and you perform oral on the turd... I know, fucked up, right?
Bob: Dude! Brittany totally gave John some oranal last night!
Jim: Ugh! Seriously? What a nasty fucking skeezer!
Bob: I know!
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This is the preferred sex by Matt and Luke. To perform oranal sex, you must use piglers. The first step to oranal success is partaking in anal sex, or as Luke and Matt call it, FUDGE PACKING! Then, you whip the pigler out of the poop chute and perform oral sex on the pigler that provided the anal pleasure. Luke and Matt call oral sex SUCKING PIGLER-POP! But, keep in mind you must make the transition from step one to step two quickly, because the desired effect is the flavor of the pigler, a bold poop flavor. And, on a good day, the bold poop flavor will be accompanied by a rich corn taste. But, sorry ladies, oranal sex can only be enjoyed by the boys!
Luke asked his mom if Matt could come over to watch his fabulous collection of Chick-Flicks, including, Mona Lisa Smile, You've Got Mail, Kate & Leopold, Titanic, Moonstruck, The English Patient, Tea With Mussolini, Notting Hill, and When Harry Met Sally, and during the sex scene in Moonstruck, Matt gave Luke the most desirable look which let Luke know that it was time for oranal sex, because that is their favorite kind of sex.
by Madilyn Ortega July 24, 2004
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