"Hey mate look at that hottie over at the bar alone and about to buy a drink, there's an opportune".
by JMADD October 01, 2007
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A word they use in Corporate America to trick you into doing work no one else wants to do while thinking your going to get promoted as a result of your hard work.
"Hey! Can you please file these work papers and make these copies! This is a great opportunity! You should be glad you got this!!!!
by You dundoit May 05, 2005
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Opportunity is a set of circumstances that is conducive for the occurrence of an event or for the performance of a task. It can also be defined as the amount of time or a situation in which something can be done -Emeasoba George
Opportunity is synonymous with chance.
by Emeasoba George July 14, 2018
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Mars rover sent by NASA to Mars in 2003, which landed at Meridiani Planum. Designed to search for signs of liquid water, especially minerals formed in the presense of water (eg. Hematite).
"Opportunity has landed on Mars."
by Patteroast January 26, 2004
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Chance to have sex with. Encounter of chance in order to get naked and "Do It". To stick your purple helmet warrior into the quivering mound of love pudding of a girl you don't even know.
I have a friend with benefits because there are not many other opportunities at this time.
by Mike Diamond June 23, 2003
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An opportunity cock is the man who is not chosen by a girl when she has to make a choice between 2 guys. Deriving from the term opportunity cost, meaning the item not bought when choosing between 2, the opportunity cock is basically the man the girl leaves behind at the bar when she sees a much more attractive rich man.
John: “Can’t believe Ann chose Andrew over me. What’s wrong with me?”

Jim: “Damn, you’re the opportunity cock in this situation. Rip mate”
by Kim Jong deux February 01, 2019
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The cost of choosing one course of action over another. Letting your second best option pass.
Economists tend to measure opportunity cost in terms of money for simplicity's sake. However value isn't always monetary.
At the restaurant, you are presented with a desert menu. Assuming that you only eat one desert, you have the choice between chocolate mouse, ice cream and honey crepes. Let's say you prefer ice cream to chocolate mouse, but honey crepes are your favorite. If you eat a honey crepe, ice cream (which would have chosen had you not had crepes) is your opportunity cost.

Another example would be if two women that you fancied, Sarah and Alice, asked you out and you said yes to Sarah (assuming monogamy), going out with Alice is your opportunity cost.
by anthonylebrun September 22, 2008
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