An event where anyone can sign up to perform.
"Dude didn't you see her playing here last month ?"

"What ? But she's been playing guitar for what, like 3 months?"

"Yeah.. it was open mic , though. Everyone can sign up there"
by Kharanos April 25, 2013
When you get a bad hand job and the girl pulls your dick skin so tight, that it makes your dick hole open wide like it’s screaming.
Dude! My dick hole won’t close because my girlfriend went all open mic on me.
by 2 fat guys! June 23, 2019
The act of sexual intercourse without the use of a condom (the penis being referred to as a microphone due to its shape).
I can't believe Jerrod open-miced dorm girl last night.
by Kutz March 13, 2006
a blowjob given to a man while he is performing a musical instrument. It has become a bit of a fetish among some women, given most often to men playing the guitar while laying horizontally.
Last night my girlfriend gave me an open mic while I played Bob Dylan tunes.
by Groovintunes March 15, 2011
Noun; Another name for a penis which happens to not only be inadvertently petruding from one's trousers, but is also errect.
"Shit boys, check out that fucker, he's showing us an Open Mic!"
"Is it me, or has that old woman at the bar got an Open Mic?"
by Henners_ December 17, 2006
it is a thing, a real thing.

opening the mic.
I can't open the mic right now.

She used her last brain cell earlier this morning, so she said "open my mic" instead of "turn on my mic"
by carperro March 9, 2021