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He will be there when you need a shoulder to cry on. He will love you for who you are. He is caring and a loving person,with a beautiful smile.
I love you,Jerrod
by your_girlfriend September 24, 2016
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To reach a level of both physical and intellectual eroticism that it makes your body nearly immobile. Usually only experienced by those highly trained in tantra.
by Turtle Shell February 04, 2010
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A bad mothafukka ,dick game potent and isn't scared to eat a lil booty from the back , don't give a fuck cause a fuck is hard to give y
Man I'm on my Jerrod shit today
by The real nigga times March 13, 2017
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The most wonderful guy any girl could ever meet, Jerrod will make sure everything is okay and his partner is always happy. Jerrod loves kissys and loves clingy people he would do anything stay with his partner Jerrod is so charming and expressing handsome get yourself a Jerrod because I know this Jerrod is always going to be mine😍❤️
WOAHH Jerrod really loves him partner he holds her with such passion
by Hallie.602833 September 05, 2017
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The act of masturbating to porn while at your friends house. Usually performed with Kauffman's.
Kegan got really horny and went to Chris' house to pull a jerrod, but only got pimp slapped by Chris for trying to perform such an act.
by J-Kauff June 29, 2008
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