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A phrase that in the perfect world you should be able to talk about any problems you have with your job guilt free.
How it really works come in talk to us and we will fire your ass.
If you have any problems come on in and talk to us we have a open door policy were all one big happy family family.

Jim: my manager is making fun of me.
That manager got a talking to

Now Jim has a write up hours cut and and is on the verge of getting fired
by angry server February 25, 2017
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While living in a community usually in the college setting, such as a dorm or apartment. Open door policy means masturbating whilst the door remains open for the rest of the house/dorm mates to see.
Matt: Dude go walk by 706!

Neil: Why?

Matt: Brian is enforcing the open door policy!

Neil: Oh Gawd!
by LeeH April 12, 2011
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1. The rule parents have for their teenage children which states that the door must remain open at all times when guests, friends, or significant others are over preventing any sexual intercourse from happening.

2. A policy, that parents create, in which they leave their door open so their teenage children can't tell what nights they are having sex and what nights they aren't.
1. Dude 1: I just got cock blocked from my freaking mother!
Dude 2: Really? That sucks!
Dude 1: Yeah, she really shafts me with that open door policy.

2. Dude 1: Ugch! I was up all night!
Dude 2: I can tell, you look like a zombie!
Dude 1: Yeah, my parents were going at it last night and tried to trick us with the Open Door Policy. They failed miserably and my mother's moans could be heard across the universe.
by KRGDR April 06, 2011
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An example of corporate double speak.

A "policy" in a corporation that purports to invite open communications with middle management by stating their door is always open as a matter of policy. However, it's just human resources bullshit, as such feedback is almost universally NOT desired by the managers, 90% of whom will see such interruptions as wasting time.

Because it is not really a policy, it's a statement that is designed to lull employees into the womb of contentment while not actually accomplishing anything.

See also closed door policy.
"Man, our benefits package this year really blows! I wish I could tell management."
"Hey, doesn't your department have an Open Door Policy?"
"Are you kidding? They just say that because it sounds friendly. If I bitched to my manager about this, I'd be shown the door."
by Security Wonk July 18, 2008
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The act of relieving ones bowls whilst leaving the door open.
My neighbors were quite shocked when they saw my "open door policy" enforced.
by Multiplebabyarms December 19, 2003
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a policy that requires all doors to remain open at all times, generally due to an ex-convict's aversion to doors being closed because they make him feel like he's back in the joint
House guest: Man, what the hell you opening the bathroom door for when I'm in there takin' a shit?!
Home owner (ex-con): If you're gonna stay here you're gonna have to abide by the Open Door Policy.

House guest: What the hell you talkin' about?!
Home owner (ex-con): Ever since I did that 6 months in Statesville, I can't have any doors closed in my house. I get to feeling like I'm locked in and I bug the fuck out, Dogg. The Open Door Policy is as much for your safety as for mine.
House guest: That seems fair, homie.
by jeanshorts August 16, 2010
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