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1. The rule parents have for their teenage children which states that the door must remain open at all times when guests, friends, or significant others are over preventing any sexual intercourse from happening.

2. A policy, that parents create, in which they leave their door open so their teenage children can't tell what nights they are having sex and what nights they aren't.
1. Dude 1: I just got cock blocked from my freaking mother!
Dude 2: Really? That sucks!
Dude 1: Yeah, she really shafts me with that open door policy.

2. Dude 1: Ugch! I was up all night!
Dude 2: I can tell, you look like a zombie!
Dude 1: Yeah, my parents were going at it last night and tried to trick us with the Open Door Policy. They failed miserably and my mother's moans could be heard across the universe.
by KRGDR April 06, 2011
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