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Opal is very insecure, but has no reason to be. It takes a while to build a strong trust with her, but it is all worth it in the end! She will never leave you in your time of need and will be there to pick you up when you fall. Opal is very beautiful even if she never sees it! She is the world's most amazing person and if you find an Opal, you will never want to lose her! She may get on your nerves with her constantly putting herself down, but she is worth all of the time you put into spending with her. Even though she is very sweet, you will never want to get on the wrong side of her. Opal is gorgeous, talented, and adorable. Her laugh is the most adorable thing you have ever heard. She is typically very shy when you first get to know her, but once you get to know her she never shuts up! Opal can hide a lot of emotions behind her charming smile. If she is quiet than normally that is a bad sign! She is totally amazing once you get to know her and you will be very lucky to ever meet an Opal.

Her name means "precious gem" and that's exactly what she is!
Person 1: "Wow that girl is really pretty! What's her name?"
Person 2: "Oh, her? That's Opal! She is really amazing!"
Person 1: "I am dying to meet her!"
Person 2: "Well don't be too straightforward, she is really shy"
Person 1: "Okay, I'll try! I have no idea how long I will be able to contain myself though!"
by That-Sexy-Chocolate-Cookie January 26, 2014
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A girl that puts a smile on even when she's sad. Opal tries to make the best of every situation, and is very caring. She hides all of her great qualities. Her sense of humor is only understood by a few. Opal has huge boobs and is sexy as hell, and secretly is a beast in the bed. She's rumored a hoe, but really isn't.
"Did you see Opal at that party"

"Yeah, I got her in bed"
by fried chicken January 25, 2014
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Derived from an Indian word meaning "stone"
precious opals have the special characteristic of rainbow-like iridescence that changes with the angle of observation.
Large deposits of red fire opals are found in Mexico, Brazil, Western Australia and also Turkey.
by wangtang4 April 22, 2008
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Opal (hycephamitamyn) Opal is commonly distributed as a black liquid. The most potent and efficient form of ingestion is intravenous. Opal conveniently comes in a small glass "I-VIAL" - a 1.5" small glass cylinder about the diameter of a small drinking straw with a small red cap at each end. Removing the cap on one end reveals a ready-to-insert 1/4" sterile needle, the other end reveals a trigger to release the pressurized contents directly into the bloodstream.

In middle and upper class populations, users drop or inject into the eye. This temporarily turns the whites of the eyes black.

Although most Opal users are standard drug abusers, a sizable minority feel that the drug produces a special, quasi-religious experience.

Opal can produce euphoric and hallucinogenic effects. In addition, it may generate many of the same toxic effects seen with other stimulants such as cocaine. Many US emergency departments (EDs) now treat as many opal-intoxicated patients as methamphetamine-intoxicated or cocaine-intoxicated patients. Changes in mood, excitation, motor movements, sensory perception, and appetite appear to be mediated by central dopaminergic alterations. Serotonin alterations contribute to the amphetamine-related mood changes and psychotic behavior. Organic compounds stimulating limbic centers cause dream-like hallucinations.
"Opal is the new crack, my friend, only cheaper and....mmmm.."
by Soulibaz April 03, 2007
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Girls named opal are normally quite nice, kind and considerate. Most Opals will fangirl over books especially the Harry Potter series by Jk Rowling. Opals can be nice at times then they turn into girls like Pansy Parkinson. They are generally pretty, medium height and have blue eyes. Their personality's are normally shy, quiet, outgoing, smart and witty. Opal's will spend any of their free time with their noses in books and fangirling about their otps and crying over deaths of fictional characters.
"See that girl over there?"
"The shy, quiet one?"
"Yes, did you know that's she's a opal."
"I'm guessing a fangirl?"
by ambs12345678 August 29, 2014
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Is small normally 5ft 1" has brown hair and has the tendency to often be a perfectionist. Her perfectionism often reflect in the typical fashion she wears....AWFUL. In spite of this she is trustworthy, loving, caring and sometimes funny without realising it. Although if you attempt to get on the wrong side of her watch out and also tends to get jealous!
"look at that girl wearing shorts in winter...'Typical O' she has to be an Opal"
by GertrudeTheGreat. November 04, 2011
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