In forum terms, OP refers to the Original Poster. The person who began the thread.
ForumGeek911: So yeh, the OP said you were dumb.
OP: That's right, I did!
ForumGeek911: OMG, He just necroposted.
by Matthew Marvin August 01, 2007
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Comic fan 1: I love Cyborg more than the Martian Manhunter!
Comic fan 2: I agree! Martian Manhunter is too OP in my opinion and his origin doesn't work with the knowledge we have on Mars.
by Daviddv0601 December 31, 2016
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(verb: to) overpower, especially overpower someone intellectually in an argument.
teen 1) anyone wanna op me in a match of arm-wrestling, I actually need to defend my title as this high school's arm wrestling champion.

Conrad: James, no, I can't op you in arm wrestling, but I can op you in history. I come from a family of people with Ph.D's in history.

James (teen 1): lol, well to each his strength then.
by sexydimma May 28, 2013
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an expression usually called out immediately after a comically ironic or unexpected situation comes forth; also used when one contradicts someone or him else.
illy: DUDE, dina is totally diggin me tonight
*dina walks in*
dina: illy, hook me up with mo
D: op!
by shsthaniel November 30, 2010
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An acronym meaning ON POINT. It just sounds way cooler saying "OP" because "on point" is just so mainstream. It is a word you use in a phrase to compliment someone. If you want insult someone- use NOP.

*Antonym: NOP
Annabel and Amanda are always OP, I'm so jealous.

GIRL, your outfit is OP. Dude, Kate's booty looks so OP today.

Mr. Wood's lesson in Chemistry was OP today.

Tyrone, your mom's fried chicken- OP!!!!
by Banabel610 April 24, 2015
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