1) Internet Forums: "Original poster". The creator of the post to which the comment refers.

2) Gaming (both videogaming and tabletop RPG): "Over powered". A character, weapon, ability so strong that the game lacks challenge and becomes mundane.
1) Post: "Hitler was okay, I guess."
Commenter 1: "OMG! That's so offensive!"
Commenter 2: "Stop being butthurt. OP is probably just a troll."

2) Me: "Ugh, this dungeon is so easy! Our team just wiped out that owl-bear with three sneak attacks."
Friend: "Well, it's either because two of us are rouges or because the GM made us OP by having us challenge the harder dungeon first."
by strangescienceraccoon January 06, 2014
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Comic fan 1: I love Cyborg more than the Martian Manhunter!
Comic fan 2: I agree! Martian Manhunter is too OP in my opinion and his origin doesn't work with the knowledge we have on Mars.
by Daviddv0601 December 31, 2016
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(verb: to) overpower, especially overpower someone intellectually in an argument.
teen 1) anyone wanna op me in a match of arm-wrestling, I actually need to defend my title as this high school's arm wrestling champion.

Conrad: James, no, I can't op you in arm wrestling, but I can op you in history. I come from a family of people with Ph.D's in history.

James (teen 1): lol, well to each his strength then.
by sexydimma May 28, 2013
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means when someone spilled the tea and u don't know what to say
ambar:"andrea likes Elizabeth"
by andreasuckstitties June 13, 2018
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an expression usually called out immediately after a comically ironic or unexpected situation comes forth; also used when one contradicts someone or him else.
illy: DUDE, dina is totally diggin me tonight
*dina walks in*
dina: illy, hook me up with mo
D: op!
by shsthaniel November 30, 2010
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A word referring to the titular song Gangnam Style in where the artist known as PSY is seen to state the words multiple times throughout it.
by nice.jpg June 10, 2018
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