Over powered

Used in the gaming community when one tries to completely balance a game
In AOM the egyptians are way Op.
by kow_heman May 25, 2005
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A huge flaming faggot. The Original Poster in a thread, mostly on an image-board that shall remain nameless. Often a nuisance being that most are anonymous. Makes promises to show tits but never does. Usually a new/summerfag in the summer months when school is out.
OP:Hurr durr, trips and i show tits.
anon: OP is a faggot
anon: OP will never deliver
OP: I'm a huge faggot please rape my face
by Uhnanimuss May 07, 2012
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The new term for, "swag", only without the 10 year old Nike wearing boy kind of vibe. OP standing for OverPowering. Used to describe something That is so much "swag" you can't handle it.
"Oh my god Rafael that's SO OP!"
"Wow this show is so OP I love it!"
by I~Like~Hands February 18, 2015
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Poster #1. He is the most holy, he gave us his sacred word after his girlfriend stayed out past 5am. He will return and reward all those who are faithful to him.
1)One does not need an admin between yourself and OP. Communion can take place within your heart. There, you can walk with OP and have him guide your life daily.

2)The OP himself is the one true voice, the one call to be heeded!

all others are false prophets sent to tempt the innocent!

We shall wait patiently as we have since The Thread began, for The OP to reveal himself and redeem his followers!

All shall be made clear upon his inevitable return!

blessed be The OP

by Slappytsquirll September 04, 2009
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1. Operative or Operation.
2. Observation Post. Military Term.
1. "I'm a Covert Op on a Top-Secret Op."
2. We'll set up an O.P behind these bushes."
by Diego August 25, 2003
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A new form of oxycontin, designed as a rubber-like substance to prevent crushing and snorting
These OP 60s are so annoying. I just want to snort them!
by nardiman September 10, 2010
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