1) When you are like... asked to like... do it... then you @*#$%! it up.
2) When you have like... one job... duh.
1) You had one job Mike! One Job!
2) I kinda think you should know how this is used in a sentence
by Eddy Wally November 3, 2015
Response to failing to do the one and only thing you had to do. This is told, either in a disgusted, mocking, or angry tone to people, animals, inanimate objects, and anything else that fails to complete the simple task for which it was designed.
A way to express total fail, epic fail, especially when the one job was very simple.
To a cheap park bench that broke while I was sitting on it, "You had one job, park bench!"
To an accountant who was fired for inaccurate computing of business records. "You are supposed to be an accountant, right? You had one job, Sandy."
To a friend about my broken down car, "Damnit, it had one job!"
by Wwerker October 14, 2014
What bad guys say to their henchman when they either fail their task or get distracted.
by frabrizio July 18, 2018
A meme that is meant to draw attention to blunders made on the job.
Guy 1: Are those Doritos in the Fritos isle?
Guy 2: You had one job, store manager!
by egs1505 February 22, 2018
The act of one plastering a fat nut across a bulletin board.
"Did you hear about Jake? The one-walled paint job in the front of class was made by him!"
by ld0301 March 27, 2021
a hand job with a clever name so that unsuspecting bystanders are unaware of it's true meaning :-P
"Yea, I did a one handed parking job yesterday and Max was pretty impressed!"
by Maria deann November 28, 2007
A task so incredibly easy that no one can fail; they ultimately fail it anyways.
Trevor: You had one job, Michael, one job!
Michael: I know, I'm sorry!
by COKEDIGGER101 January 26, 2023