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On a streak or series, usually a winning streak. Will sometimes be used (semi-sarcastically) to define a losing streak.

When used for a positive streak, it's similar to "tear it up."
He won four bike races in a row--he's on a tear!

The market went up 14% in the least four weeks. The market is on a tear! (aka "The market is tearing it up!")
by Wayne the definer April 02, 2009
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a string of behaviour that is compulsive and devient. the bahaviour is typically of an "adult" nature such as drinking, screwing, swearing.
Jill was so pissed about the flat tire that she went off on a tear. Every other word was fuck.

Brad has been on a tear of calling in sick recently. He hasn't worked a Friday in over a month.
by Cliff96 April 10, 2006
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to have recently engaged in many sexual acts, with many different people.
Wow, Lizzie has been on a tear lately. She's banged like everyone in the sophomore Kappa Sig class!
by hahaslizzie May 24, 2005
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