A state of being all-powerfull and all mighty. This being is something you don't want to fuck with. If you ever try to challenge it to a fight, you automatically lose, because the omnipotent being is just that powerful. Omnipotence is the ability to have unlimited power and give off extraordinary amount of output. No one in the omniverse could take on this being, as a matter of fact, the omnipotent being created ALL EXISTANCE and he can become all existance itself. This being is the prime master of all reality, time, and space. It's invincible and can NEVER BE BEATEN BY ANYBODY and has absolutely no weaknesses, which therefore makes it immune to anything. This being even created an angel that later became Satan. If this godly entity wanted, he could wipe out Satan and his dimension in an instant and do away with all evil. If you're omnipotent, you can do absoluetly ANYTHING you want, no matter how impossible and ridiculous it sounds, an omnipotent being can easily get it done without difficulty and with 0% effort. This being has all knowledge of the universe as well, so it knows absolutely anything. Omnipotenc is technically a "God".
Guy 1: Hey I bet you can't do the things God can do.

Guy 2: God? Who's that?

Guy 1: God is an all mighty being with omnipotence

Guy 2: Well what can he do what I can't do?

Guy 1: It can walk on water, It can spy on all hot chicks all at the same time, it can shape shift into anything, it can bench press a Universe, or even an Omniverse, it knows absolutely ANYTHING, it can see everything simultaneously, it can fuck up reality by just thinking about it, it can manipulate time, it can control your fate, it can predict your future, it can destroy and re-create dimensions....

Guy 2: Okay! I get it! It can do anything! Just shut the hell up!
by Mr. Ice Cream Man May 11, 2013
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Besides being intoxicated with poison, also an extremely selfish, ignorant, self absorbed asshole who likes to go around claiming themselves as the greatest in existence, but then claims popular internet stars as untalented maggots, most likely in an act of jealousy or as a way of seeking attention to feed their extremely large ego, and also rants on about how stupid famous people are, and claims to be "normal" but is really just a hater who screams about how godly they are and how shitty everyone else is who doesn't see things their way and is really just an egotistical douchebag. This is most likely done due to low self esteem or as a vein attempt to destroy the fanbases of youtube celebrities with full knowledge that what they say will not even slightly affect said fanbases, and says them anyway just so people might give them attention.
Omnipotence: Pewdiepie is a pussy who can't take criticism, but really I'm the pussy who can't take criticism because I sit behind a computer all day and rage, hate, and bitch about how terrible he is and how great I am and wouldn't say most of this to someone's face!
by PhantomCraftz February 14, 2014
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