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A small city where guys think that they are the shit and they are amazing at sports, where girls think that orange is the new tan and they have to be sluts to be popular, and where all we care about is our fucking blue ribbon school system. Oh yeah, there's the fair share of pot-heads. Mostly full of ugly people.
Have you been to Olmsted Falls lately? They're dumbshits.
by Goofball November 16, 2006
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boring, rainy annoying drama filled place where nothing exiting happens. filled with wanna be partyers. wanna be badass kids and wanna be black kids. we are a 99.99 percent white community and NO ONE IS GANGSTER! olmsted falls is a place where no one has the balls to have a party. we do have some partys at the nest these partys are had by TEAM RETARD!
olmsted falls would have the worlds highest seuicide rate if it wasnt for team retard
by ryan olmsted falls October 19, 2008
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a place you don't want to move to. new kids beware. you have to be pretty damn tough to go here. this is a place where girls never let you be drama free, guys think they're too cool to pull their pants up, and everyone ends up a backstabber. more than 50% of the teenage population are always high. the other % is either a brainiac, weird, or athletic. Basically, its the crappiest place alive
Dude, my best friend just moved to "Olmsted Falls" , she's gonna get eaten alive!
by Rawrdinosaurgirl December 14, 2010
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Olmsted Falls is a small town in Ohio where everyone thinks they're the shit. Girls spray tan themselves until they look like an oompa loompa (these girls are very commonly known as the orange girls, creative, huh?), and guys sag their pants so much that their pants actually fall down when they walk. A lot of the guys end up being lying douche bags and friends that you have had for years end up stabbing you in the back. All over, a horrible place to live. Oh, and if you're not popular in Olmsted Falls you may as well just move the hell away cause your life will probably be shit.
1. hey look, the orange girls. what an irregular happening at Olmsted Falls, huh?

2. guy one:hey look, our school won another award for being awesome.

guy two: hey look, another fight.
by olmstedchick February 19, 2011
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