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Located in olmsted falls ohio. really small lame high school, over controlled by power hungry assistant principles, also tend to hire and accommodate sexual preditors as teachers..The school is filled with your fare share of false preppy kids from medium income families you tan to orange and rock abercrombie....Also has a good number os fake scene kids who dress over eccentricly to gain attenion and think they are very deep into music and hardcore because they listen to such bands as "bring me the horizon" there are also like 4 black kids who live on some farm near the outskirts of town,and theres also like 4 wigger kids who live near there too.
A typical happening at olmsted falls high school....

Real musician from OFHS: Dude are you going to go to the converge show? theyre touring with 3 other really good hardcore bands

"fake sccenester who over hears: yeah arent they comming with bring me the horizon??

Real musicion from OFHS: kill yourself...
by poonmastuh February 13, 2009
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