an absolute fuckin leg end...can do no wrong and is adored by women.
i wish i was like ollie all the chicks love him.
by scary hairy mary May 29, 2009
Jumping over something with a skateboard. Usually accomplished by pushing on the tail of the board and jumping up with the board stuck to your feet.
Yo dude I straight ollied a 10 stair without breaking my legs!
by Nitraine August 7, 2003
He’s fit,hot,peng and sexy. He is loyal af any girl would date him. He treats girls with 100% of respect and makes them feel warm,safe and special and loved. He is so strong if anyone tries to steal his girl he will fight them,he has a big cock it’s good when he having sex with his girl
Amanda”Ollie is so fit
by Mynqn November 1, 2019
An absolute legendary person who makes anyone smile no matter what. He is loved by a lot of people. Maybe one day he will understand how amazing he is.
Damn he's an Ollie

Not from Asha at all
by Defnotasha August 13, 2017
A dandruff covered cowlick that results from rolling out of bed and going directly to work without combing one's hair.
"Wow Billy, that's some olli you've got going on today! You look like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet!"
by H. W. Jablome March 7, 2012
Jumping up, or over somthing with a skateboard.
Wow, look how high his ollie is!
by Joe January 12, 2005