An absolutely amazing lad/girl..loved by all. Ollie is very shy at first but once you get to know them you will wish they would shut up...TRUST ME MATE
by Ollliieeeeeeee August 22, 2017
Name carried out by the most perfect and divine man from Finland.
"Olli is perfect" would be a redundant statement, don't you think?
by CutieBunny October 19, 2018
the most handsome boy youll ever meet cheeky as f*ck though can be a very smart but comes away with with the most odd things
there are too many to give as a suggestion
omg ollie is so handsome and funny he has the weirdest little quirks that just make him ollie
by dancer16079 September 10, 2017
an absolute fuckin leg end...can do no wrong and is adored by women.
i wish i was like ollie all the chicks love him.
by scary hairy mary May 29, 2009