Name carried out by the most perfect and divine man from Finland.
"Olli is perfect" would be a redundant statement, don't you think?
by CutieBunny October 19, 2018
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A dandruff covered cowlick that results from rolling out of bed and going directly to work without combing one's hair.
"Wow Billy, that's some olli you've got going on today! You look like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet!"
by H. W. Jablome March 7, 2012
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Olli means totally perfect. Usually given to the mightiest and strongest males. Often males named Olli, achieve great things in life. I suggest you should name your male babies "Olli"
Guy 1: Do You know that Guy? That Guy with big muscles?

Guy 2: Yea, his Olli.
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A man with a lot of will power and is usually quiet charming
Beaky :how did your date with joe go

Emily:great he was a total olli
by Apple pie 6969 January 13, 2016
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A special type of person or animal. The phrase “Ollie Ollie” is common with dogs and very rarely used with humans. An Ollie Ollie is special in every way. Ollie Ollie’s are often known for their extraordinary talents, outgoing personalities, and their amazing looks.
“Did you see that Husky dog do a triple back flip?”
“Yeah dude, he’s a real Ollie Ollie!”
by Snowballdooga November 13, 2017
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The act of 'pegging' but with two women
I got up to a spot of Ollying with my girlfriend last night
by Youpeoplemakemesick August 16, 2021
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