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Swedish slang meaning to touch something (e.g., a surface, family member, or coworker) with the tip of your penis. Bonus points for leaving a visible impression.

The female form is "snigla".
After my girlfriend broke up with me I proceeded to olla her toothbrush and all her groceries.
by Herr Deg September 30, 2011
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To touch something with your penis in order to contaminate it for the future.
"Olla kudden då fy fan vad nasty!"

"What a motherfucker I'm gonna olla his toothbrush for sure"
by Joakim January 28, 2005
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An Arabic name for a girl, the meaning of it is greatness and glory. A girl with this names has an outstanding confidence, and a very kind heart.
Olla is a nice person.
by 1234Stars April 20, 2019
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